Making History Since 1980

In 1980, "Pop" Odis King and "Memaw" Clara Nell King took over a failing country store that had been in business since 1938. They named this store Mark's Mart. Back in those days, Mark's Mart only sold filet mignon priced at $2.99. The store has changed quite a bit since then. In the 1990s, a new concept was ushered in and an expanded selection of items were introduced. Odis and Clara Nell’s son, Rodney King, joined the family business, and established the gourmet cuisine items that have become the hallmark of the store. In 2011, Rodney King’s son, Jacob King, and nephew, Lewis Brown, joined the team and firmly entrenched a third generation in this specialty, regional landmark, location.


The Mark's Mart crew has been expanding the store with a huge selection of fine wines and craft beers, homemade pies, cakes breads, and the finest desserts from all around the world, including Alabama and  Georgia. Today, you can find anything from smoked sausage, locally made honey, to Tim's Cheese by the Sea pimento cheese. Most items originated here and have never been seen before in the universe! The true testimonial to Mark’s Mart’s success has been the patronage from travelers from near and far for quality and unique southern food & fair, and the fact that they arrive with coolers in all sizes and leave with them pack slap full of Chicken Swirls® and specialty cut steaks (and a case or two of wine & beer)… speaks volumes!!! Come see us soon!